Around Town …

  • Seems like officials in India have asked the United States to review and update its export controls to reflect the changed political realities of the emerging strategic partnership.  So does every foreign government that purchases military and dual-use technology from the U.S.   So long as there are sufficient controls on the other end to protect our tech, there could always be room for discussion.   But calling our system “anachronistic” will not win India any chits in Congress, Foggy Bottom, elsewhere.
  • Raytheon Missile Systems announced today that it has established a missile defense product line.
  • Venezuela has no need for these systems.
  • The African Union peace and Security Council has imposed sanctions against the Madagascar government on travel ban and diplomatic isolation.   See folks, it is not just the United States that uses them.
  • From the WaPO today, “The trick for the Obama administration is to craft a sanctions plan that hurts the Iranian government without causing too much pain for the Iranian people.”  Sanctions are a tool, not a panacea or policy talisman that will cure all ills.  As with the Cuba case, it is the regime that hurts the people not our (rarely enforced) sanctions.   Use them, in coordination with other measures, and they can be quite effective.
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