UANI what?

In case you have not heard about it yet, I wanted to pass along information on a relatively new group of individuals and organizations that have teamed up to raise awareness on the dangers of a nuclear Iran.  

The group,  United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) is a “bi-partisan, broad-based coalition in formation that will comprise individuals and organizations from across the political and ideological spectrum … it includes human rights and humanitarian groups, the labor movement, political advocacy and grassroots organizations, representatives of diverse ethnicities, faith communities, political and social affiliations, will be united in a commitment to prevent Iran from fulfilling its ambition to become a regional super-power possessing nuclear weapons.”  At its website, consumers can review an Iranian Business Registry of companies currently doing business in Iran.  It is a good start. 

It should be expanded to other state sponsors of terrorism including Cuba and the Sudan.  Well worth a visit and review.  Kudos.

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