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SOS: Save the Clunkers (we could use the spare parts, engines, or the “clunker” itself)

This is a little off topic for the site, but reports that the Congress is considering wasting more taxpayer monies on this program warrants an aside … plus, if you like cars you hate to see them go to waste.

The Car Allowance Rebate System or Cash for Clunkers program is out of control statism.   It is the embodiment of the radical environmental movement that has found a political outlet in the Obama Administration and a Democrat-controlled Congress.  Regrettably, the plan initially passed with some Republican support and a reauthorization of another billion or so will require Republican votes.

The program is based on many falsehoods.  The two leading fallacies are that it will help stimulate the economy and the other that it will help protect the environment.  The best form of economic stimulus is to cut out of control federal spending and reduce taxes across the board (including corporate taxes). With regards to the phony baloney environment-saving merits of the program, reasonable experts and scientists still disagree if there is even a problem to begin with (Note: the United Nations and its acolytes are not “reasonable”).

You can tell this program was designed by folks with little knowledge of cars or the concept of frugality.  Rather than destroy car engines and scrap the vehicles, they could salvage spare parts for use in the millions of “clunkers,” some of us call them classics, that will remain on the global market.  Now that is the type of cannibalizing we can all support and that will generate real income in various after market economies.

In reality, this program is just a government knows best give away that will likely be used by people who pay little or no taxes to begin with.  It is not free money, but money paid by hard-working Americans who would rather see some of that money back in their pockets than in the hands of the federal government.  In the end, people will learn what this program is really about:  the first massive tax increase on America’s middle class by the Obama Administration and the Congress. 

What we should be doing is saving the clunkers, not destroying them.  Write your Representative and Senators and urge them not to re-authorize the Car Allowance Rebate System for another go around of robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Save the Clunkers.  We may need the spare parts or some folk who cannot afford a new car can use a “clunker” until times get better.  Most importantly, say no to back door tax increases.

If you’re interested in additional reading, National Review editors have published a few good pieces on this issue.

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