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The Obama Administration is considering a United Nations Security Council Resolution against the constitutional government of Honduras.  Foggy Bottom is allegedly also threatening to cut U.S. foreign aid to Honduras if they continue to refuse to cooperate with efforts to re-install the impeached president.   If all this pans out, the Obama Administration would be officially backing the efforts of the Bolivarian Axis of the Americas against democratic governments.  Stay tuned.

From SOUTHCOM, last week “marked the first anniversary of U.S. 4th Fleet’s re-establishment, and in one year the command has already achieved many accomplishments, both internally and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.”

In case you are wondering what type of people are backing the impeached Honduran president, the folks at the Babalu blog have a good take on it.

This week marks the fifteenth of the AMIA Jewish community center bombing by radical Islamic terrorists in Argentina. Eighty-five people were killed, several hundred wounded.  Thoughts on this event here, here, and here.

The editors of ECRISIS discuss drug king pins in the Americas, Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.

A leader of Colombia’s narco-terrorist organization, FARC,  said in a video aired on Colombian television this weekend that the guerrillas donated cash to Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa’s presidential campaign.  Correa has denied it, but expect to hear about this matter during the week.  For all intents and purposes, Correa has been aiding and abetting the FARC and the country has been earning a slot as a terror haven.  Targeted U.S. economic sanctions are long overdue.

Twelve Mexican federal police officers were murdered by drug gangs in Michocana.  Sylvia Longmire pens that “if they were targeted and killed just because they were federal officers, then this represents a direct attack on a state apparatus by an organized crime group.”

Samuel Logan has penned an interesting piece on Sino-Brazil Naval relations.

Southern Pulse has a good summary of recent events throughout the Americas that is worth a read.

From Cuba, a new kind of “savings“.

Latin American center-right movement defends freedom, rule of law, and democracy throughout the Americas.  UnoAmerica’s website has been taken offline and is unaccessible at this time.

The leader who crushed the Peruvian terrorist group Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) continues his defense before the Peruvian Supreme Court.  Former President Alberto Fujimori‘s case has been a poster child for the left.  One doubts these leftist NGOs will demonstrate a similar passion for trying and convicting leftist dictators and well documented human rights abusers such as Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez.

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