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Obama Administration Racks Up Policy Failures in the Western Hemisphere

It is difficult for most of us who have never lived under the yoke of communism, or lived in fear of it, to make sense at what has transpired in Honduras during the past several months.   There is a lot more at stake in tiny Honduras than democracy and rule of law.  Regional stability and freedom are under attack by several Cuba-led powers in the region.  Cuba, through its socialist proxy Venezuela, seeks to spread an alternative political and economic order for the region.  A majority of Hondurans do not want this.

The Obama Administration has either chosen to ignore regional power grabs by Cuba and its proxies in the Americas or it is actively support leftist populist leaders.  Either position is regretful and hurts U.S. interests.  The Administration’s response to the Honduran matter is quite telling.  Rather than wait for the facts, there were knee-jerk reactions by unnamed officials in support of the impeached leader.

The National Security Council (NSC) and the State Department, blinded by parochial political interests,has been working behind the scenes for several weeks to avert this situation and it failed to contain it.  This is the second political failure by the Obama Administration in the Western Hemisphere.  The first was facilitating Cuba’s reintegration in the Organization of American States (OAS), in contravention of U.S. law, only to be told by Fidel Castro that Cuba was not interested.  The third?  It could be  be denying Colombia support for a free trade agreement or extending trade benefits to Ecuador, a country that has no rule of law and whose leader, Rafael Correa, works against U.S. interests throughout the Andean region.  

The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas – a melange of leftist nations led by marginally democratically-elected autocrats – will fail at some point because it is based on lawlessness and suffocates freedom. Its core members including Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua will interfere in other nations in the region in a vain attempt to prolong the political life of this already decaying carcass.   In the meantime, it can cause great damage and instability to the political and economic reforms of the past twenty years.   It will also destabilize the region with its support of terrorists (including the Iranians), drug cartels, human smuggling, socialism, and rabid anti-Americanism.

A majority of the Honduran people do not want socialism or alternative economic orders based on outdated socialism or Cuban-led communism.  Based on the legislative record of the Honduran Congress, the Supreme Court decisions, and the statements made by members of a majority of all political parties in Honduras, the former president was opening the door to the Cuban-led cancer and he was violating Honduran laws to make it so.

Honduras has been a good ally and trade partner of the United States, it has even sent troops to support efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The response by the Obama Administration is inappropriate and impulsive, not becoming of people who claimed the mantle of “change.”  Rather than wait for a complete set of facts on which to make a decision, it sided with the politically irrelevant OAS, Cuba and its proxies, and in the process turned its back on the elected Honduran Congress.  This is not how one should treat an ally.  Herein lies the true failure of the Obama Administration’s response.

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