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Obama Administration Needs to Re-assess Approach to Cuba in Light of Spy Arrests

In light of the arrest of two Cuban spies, one of which had a top secret clearance and recently retired from the State Department,  the Obama Administration needs to re-assess its approach to Cuba including putting on hold efforts to issue new regulations regarding family travel, easing remittances, and establishing direct mail service.

Serious Cuba watchers understand that the Cuban regime cannot be trusted and that these arrests come as no surprise.  There are more of them.  The Cuban regime  has been a state sponsor of terrorism since 1982 for a reason – it is an enemy of  freedom, the U.S., and of our way of life.  It will stop at nothing to hurt our interests in the Western Hemisphere and elsewhere.  Stealing and selling American secrets is a business for the Cuban regime. 

Recent efforts to re-admit Cuba to the Organization of American States should be abandoned.  It should have never been initiated to begin with.  It is inconsistent with U.S. laws and our national interests.  The Administration’s approach on Cuba, like in the case of Iran, is yet another example that the Obama Administration putting the cart before the horse.

The damage caused by this Washington, DC-based husband and wife team may have cost the lives of Americans and hurt our national security.  They appear to have been spying for Cuba for thirty years.  Until a damage assessment is complete, at a minimum,  it makes no sense for the Obama Administration to engage a state sponsor of terror or reward it by easing any sanctions on the regime. 

The Department of Justice has posted information on the case, here.   These men and women of law enforcement, and others that helped in the investigation, are to be congratulated for all of their service to their country by breaking up, yet another, Cuban web of deceit and treasonous activity.

The Cuban Communist Party has not released a statement on these two, and it may likely never do so; however, at about the same time of the arrests yesterday, it issued a statement calling on the Obama Administration to release from U.S. federal prison five Cuban spies.  These five fellows spied on the U.S., exile groups, and were involved in the deaths by the Cuban regime of Americans citizens.  There is gratitude for you.

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