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Congressman Markey: U.S.-UAE Nuclear Agreement, Reckless

The Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Sub-Committee on Energy and the Environment added his voice to a quiet but growing effort in the Congress to slow or block the implementation of the recently-signed U.S.-UAE nuclear cooperation agreement.

“It’s time to turn the page on the Bush administration’s reckless policy of spreading nuclear technology and materials around the globe,” said Rep. Markey in a letter to President Obama.  “[T]he Middle East is the last place the United States should be seeking the expansion of nuclear technologies.  We need to get serious about halting Iran’s nuclear program, not helping its neighbors get in the nuclear club.  In the Middle East, a nuclear energy race could be as perilous as a nuclear arms race,” added Markey.  The statement and letter to President Obama is available here.

As stated in last week’s post, if the deal is ultimately approved, it will be interesting to see how the Iranians react.  Relations between the UAE and Iran are not the greatest.  In fact, some argue that a larger concern for the U.S. entering into such an arrangement with the UAE is not that we do not trust the UAE (although blocking the transshipment of U.S. technology is a leading concern), but that U.S. technology will be so close to the Iranians making easier for Iranian agents to steal it. 

Iran is the hub of Middle East instability and global terrorism.  Limiting Iran’s access to U.S. technology and know-how is vital to protecting our troops and our allies in the region.   While Rep. Markey’s somewhat distracting statement that the Bush Administration was being reckless seems to have strong partisan overtones,  he does raise very valid points on proliferation concerns.

You should read more about it.  It is your tax dollars and interests at play. Read the prior post on this matter here.

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