Obama-Biden, Czar-crazed

It seems as if the Obama-Biden team does not want to wait for the Constitutionally-appointed time to take the reins of power.  It is a made-for-Hollywood transition down to the very last detail.  In fact, during a local news broadcast yesterday the segment on the transition cued music during the introduction from the popular television series, The West Wing.  If that is how they want to lead, then then loyal opposition should be at the ready.  

Let’s talk czars. 

Even before a full cabinet has been tentatively selected, it seems as if the Obama-Biden Administration may seek to appoint several at-large policy advisors or “czars.”  There have been reports of a possible Tech Czar, a Bailout Czar, an Energy or Climate Czar,  an Environment Czar, an Urban Planning Czar, and a Latin American Czar.  We already have a Drug Czar, a Weapons of Mass Destruction or WMD Czar, a Cyber Security Czar, and the Afghanistan/Iraq War Czar.   Congress recently passed legislation creating the position of an Anti-Piracy/Copyright Czar.

Rather than cutting back on the use of these senior policy advisors and empowering Senate-confirmed officials, the Obama-Biden teams seems to be creating more posts to hand out as political favors.   If they really want to “change” how Washington does business, they should focus on filling cabinet ranks with quality people and eliminate most of these floating advisors or czar slots. 

The 2008 edition of the “U.S. Government Policy and Supporting Positions,” will soon be released and will least the more than 7,000 leadership and support positions available for the Obama-Biden team to fill.  Colloquially called The Plum Book, its creation and publication was commenced by the Eisenhower Administration because the Republican Party had no idea how many jobs it could fill after the massive growth of the federal government under Democrats Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman.

Both Democratic and Republican Administrations have used these free-floating advisors in some form or another.  However, if the Obama-Bidean sticks with curent plans, it may shatter all records for use of these, essentially, free agents.   Not the most efficient use of taxpayer monies and a senseless proliferation of policy power in a federal government that needs less, not more power or appointed officials.

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