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Sen. Fred Thompson On the Future; Notes from First Generation Americans

If you are a Republican in Washington, DC, the political environment is becoming increasingly toxic, downright hostile.   And, no matter the outcome of the elections next week, it is only going to get more poisonous inside the beltway.

Folks in this town do not understand why our families or my generation of voters, will not support the Obama-Biden ticket.  I’ve been told that it would be a sacrilege for a first-generation American to vote Republican this election cycle.  And those who should know better, propagate malicious rhetoric about Republicans to the point that they sound more like propagandists than rational thinkers.

When our families fled Cuban communism, they started anew in freedom.  They worked hard and made certain that the first generation of Americans were well educated.  Deceived by governments and political parties in Cuba, they were always skeptical of political parties and its leaders.  And when the Kennedy Administration bungled Bay of Pigs, Democratic Party officials would be persona non-grata for generations for exiles and Americans of Cuban ancestry.

Ronald Reagan once said that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  So true.  My liberal friends need to understand that South Florida was our political proving ground.  It was a living laboratory on the importance of freedom.

We would learn how men and women who had rotted in Cuban communist prisons for five, ten, and even twenty or more years for simply expressing their beliefs, had hope in humanity re-instilled when they arrived in the U.S.  Rest assured that the political incarcerations in Cuba continue; and not at GiTMO, but in the Communist, today called socialist gulag of Castro’s Cuba.  By the way, I do not know of many DC-based attorneys coming to the defense of the thousands in Castro’s political prisons. 

From our priests and religious we learned how public worship and were prayer life was banned, slowly, from schools and public places.  Priests and nuns were locked up, tortured, publicly ridiculed in the media, or in some cases, killed by firing squad controlled by heros of the revolution such as Che Guevara.  Those religious and lay leaders that were forced to leave, started again, in freedom.

During the past few weeks, it was these and related memories I have recalled every time someone opposed to the Republican ticket would engage in, mostly, meaningless vitriol. 

The Republican Party is in a political bind this election because it has strayed from the very principals that made it a majority Party.  The recent Republican majority in Congress withered in less than a decade because it grew government, failed to control spending, and some of its Members and staff overreached politically.   Fortunately, there are still some Republicans that “get it,” and voted against the government bailout.  Much remains to be done to regain, stregthen, and improve the Republican and indepednent message.

Lower taxes and cutting wasteful spending.  A strong defense and national security that puts our country first.  Getting governments out of the way so that all Americans can increase personal and family wealth.  People and businesses create the majority of jobs in America, not the federal or state governments.    Energy indepence that includes all viable energy sources, including drilling for oil in the U.S.  Putting our families first.  These are some of the values that made America great.  These were the values that propelled the GOP to victory in 1994. 

The Democrat leaders of today are focused on the opposite.  They will increase taxes and increase federal spending.  Our national defenses and military will be weakened.  In Neville Chamberlainesque fashion, they will sit down with our enemies.  

The Pelosi-Reid-Obama wing of the Democrat Party views government as friend, the all-knowing savior of the poor and downtrodden.  They view international organizations as the primary caretakers of the world’s problems; and America as a passenger, not driver of freedom’s promise.  Not all Democrats think or act this way, just the extreme leadership of its Party.  They run for office and speak like moderates, but they govern as liberals.

Fortunately, America is a strong and robust country.  Americans will never allow our government to be overrun by radical ideas on either side of the political spectrum, or the amorphous middle.  In the event that the extreme left were in power, our system of checks and balances, state rights, and the people will keep the federal government in check.   But why would we want to take that chance to begin with?

Listen to Sen. Fred Thompson’s message. Twice if you have to.  Share it with family, friends, and undecided voters.

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