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Stop Whining, Start Winning, or Just Step Aside

With regards to politics and world affairs, the past few weeks have been interesting.  I have received mail from friends and family, colleagues, and strangers about some of the posts on this site and the forthcoming elections.

For those Republicans that have lived in the D.C. Bubble for more than a decade, we recall working in a Democrat-controlled town.  We recall the “government knows best” mindset that led the government and also recall the feel-good ideas that became law.  Those ideas became government mandates on American families, workers, and businesses.  Similar feel-good ideas became the core of our foreign policy and our enemies attacked America.  They are suffocating free-enterprise and markets today.

With regards to the 2008 elections, keep in mind that ideas matter.  And while the past few years we Republicans have done a bad job of keeping true to our core values, there are key differences between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

If you want a government that focuses on its core mission: protect and defend America, lowers taxes, increases trade opportunities for U.S. goods and services which leads to more jobs, and views government as a problem, not a solution, then the choice is clear, vote McCain-Palin.  If you want leaders that understand defeating radical Islamic terrorism is key to our future, and that the currying favor of foreign countries takes a secondary place to that mission, vote McCain-Palin.

If you want government-controlled health care (i.e., socialized medicine), vote Obama-Biden.  If you want your taxes to go up and used to “spread the wealth,” vote Obama-Biden.  If you want less choice in education for your children, vote Obama-Biden.  If you want America to look and act like some weak European powers that prefer to coddle dictators, vote Obama-Biden.  If you think the United Nations can do a better job than America and our allies, vote Obama-Biden.  If you think political and economic globalism is better than the nation-state and free markets, vote Obama-Biden.

Through a clever campaign waged for more than a decade, a tyranny of the minority is aiming to wrest control of the government.  If they succeed, they will govern with ideas that are contrary from those of a majority of the American people.   While these Democrats campaign as moderates, they will govern as liberals.  Those few moderate Democrats that budge the liberal establishment that runs the Party, will become outcasts.  There will be more Joe Liebermans.

Just as important as winning the White House is making a strong effort to win control of the Congress.  While the odds of regaining control of the Congress are tough for the GOP, it does not mean that we throw in the towel and not vote.   If you set out to lose, you certainly will.  Only fools would wish Republican losses in 2008, to regain the majority in 2010.

In his autobiography, Teddy Roosevelt penned that “a vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.”  My money is on the majority of American people.  People of character who see through the slick ads and the talking points of the liberal left.  These are the people that John McCain and Sarah Palin have been quietly connecting with during the past few weeks.  It may not impress the Washington gliterati or the self-appointed media elites, but it is what it is. 

As for some in the GOP establishment who seem to have lost touch with our core values, or are seeking to sell books, increase ratings or blog traffic: Stop whining,  start winning, or just step aside. You’re muddling the message and providing political fodder to the other side.

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