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A picture taken somewhere in the Middle East?  Guess again.  Mexico.  The Zapatista National Liberation Army (“EZLN”) recently hosted a women’s “encounter” or “meeting” at the jungle settlement camp in Chiapas.   I posted an image from their website since it is something rarely seen in our media yet such meetings and anti-American and anti-Western efforts are a common occurrence with this group that has operated in Mexico – with support from Cuban intelligence services – for decades.  The EZLN operates a myriad of U.S.-server based websites and there are several groups based in the west coast area that openly support the EZLN through work on college campuses and community groups.

The Iranian Vice President told Iran’s growing Western Hemisphere diplomatic corp that presence in Latin America is a “necessity.”  “Lauding the anti-bullying spirit of the Latin American nations, the vice-president noted that the vigilance of those nations have paved the way for further expansion of all-out ties between Iran and the Latin America … he stressed that no sanction can damage the will and determination of the Iranian government and nation,” reports IRNA.  One of Iran’s largest outposts in the world is located in a suburb of Managua, Nicaragua

While on the subject of Iran, recently the Argentinian prosecutor who investigated terrorist attacks in Argentina during the early 1990s said in Israel that Iran was tied to the deadly attacks.  The reason?  Iran appears to have been upset at the cancellation of a nuclear power contract by President Carlos Menem.  This is the first time I have seen this item in the public domain.  Although he did not say so, it appears that the contract was cancelled at the urging of the Reagan Administration.

And while on the subject of terrorism, there is a recent article in Newsday that is worth a read, Terrorist links in Paraguay a local concern (in New York).   “The lawlessness of the region makes it a threat for future terrorist financing and action in New York,” argues a retired New York police detective that recently was involved with this issue.   The article does a good job summarizing the tri-border issue and tying it in to ongoing efforts in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism.

Brazil is still seeking to build a fleet of nuclear operated submarines.  According to published reports late in December 2007, Brazil may be in talks with France “to help Brazil develop military ship-building techniques to create submarines that can be fitted with a Brazilian-designed naval nuclear reactor,” the Brazilian Defense Minister told reporters. 

The Colombian National Police announced the capture of alleged supporters of the FARC terrorist group this morning – yet another vivid reminder that the recent hostage talks were nothing but a political theatre for Hugo Chavez, Cuba, and the FARC.  Meanwhile the Ministry of Defense announced the arrest of a high-ranking leader of another rebel group, the ELN.

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